Skate boot sizes are different from your shoe size. Generally, skating boots are worn in a smaller size than street shoes.  The more snug the skate boot fits, the better the support will be for your ankles.

When fitting skates be sure to wear the kind of nylon’s, tights, or socks you will be wearing when you skate. Also, be sure to push the heel as far back as possible in the skate when determining the proper fit.

Skate boots should have snug fitting heel but not be too tight around the toes. Your toes should be able to wiggle, but your heel should not slide up and down or slide around once your foot is properly laced in the skate. Skates also need to provide plenty of ankle support.

If the boot is too large and lacks ankle support, the skater loses some control. Boots that are too small are uncomfortable to wear and will cause the feet to become cold due to poor circulation. It is critical to get a good fit.

New skates need a period of time to be “broken in.” As you skate in the boots, the leather will form to your feet.

Generally speaking, the boot should be laced snugly with the tightest lacing from the instep area to the ankle. Leave the lace slightly loose at the very top. You should be able to insert your finger between the ankle and the boot top. It takes a little practice and experimentation to lace effectively.