Testing With WFSC

At the Watertown Figure Skate Club, a skater’s progress is measured by a series of official tests which are governed by United States Figure Skating (USFS). The WFSC conducts test sessions throughout the year, offering Moves in the Field, Freestyle, Solo Free Dance, and Partner Ice Dance evaluations.

The tests establish levels of skating in each discipline for competitive purposes. All sanctioned competitions group skaters according to their passed test level. This allows skaters of similar abilities to compete against each other. These abilities are proven by passing the official USFS tests, taken in front of a panel of judges at designated test sessions.

Many skaters participate in testing and competitive skating, both a challenging and an enjoyable aspect of the sport.

The test sessions hosted by WFSC allow a skater to test their skating achievements in a positive and friendly atmosphere. Our tests are closed to spectators, which means only coaches and skaters are allowed in the rink area during the session.

Dates Offered & Testing Procedures At WFSC

WFSC typically offers 2 test sessions each year – December and March. All test sessions are held at the George Maas Ice Arena (112 21 st Street SW) in Watertown, South Dakota. Registration deadlines typically are 14 days prior to the test date.

Test schedules will be emailed to test participants and posted on the WFSC website test page a week after the posted registration deadline. All registration fee's must be paid online and completed prior to the schedule being sent out to test participants. No refunds will be made after the posted due date unless for medical reasons and a note from a  physician. There will be a $20 processing fee for any refunds prior to the due date. A late fee of $15 will be added to your registration if registering after the posted due date.

A skater must be in good standing with their club in order to test. If you are NOT a member of the Watertown Figure Skate Club, you must complete a permission to test from with approval of your home club’s test chair. You will not be allowed to test without this. If you are in need of a form, here is a standardized Permission to Test form.

In the event there are too many applicants for a test session that our ice time will allow, the skaters will be allowed to test based on the following membership priority:  1) home club  members, 2) associate club members, 3) guest candidates in order of date and time registered first. Skaters are required to arrive 60 minutes prior to their scheduled test session.  There are instances where we may get off schedule.  If we are ahead of schedule, this will allow us to continue moving forward.  If we are behind, we will do our very best to get back  on our testing schedule.

For other questions regarding testing at WFSC, contact our WFSC club test chair, Marcy Kohl at
(605) 880-3706.