WFSC Skate Awards

Each year, WFSC recognizes skaters for their achievements throughout the season via our Skate Awards.

At the end of each season at the Watertown Figure Skate Club Annual Meeting year end awards are presented.

There are two levels for each award, beginner and advanced. In order to be considered for an award, the skaters must be nominated by coaches and or members of the WFSC Board of Directors, anytime during the regular skating season. Coaches are able to nominate multiple skaters for multiple awards if they so choose.

Nominations must be accompanied by specific qualification examples and the skater must be in good standing with no incidents/warnings in current season to receive the award.

A Committee formed by the Board of Directors reviews the nominations and makes final decision. The committee is tasked with being unbiased and fair.

Skaters cannot be chosen for an award, regardless, two consecutive years. Skaters who received an award the previous season cannot receive the award the following year.

Adult Club members, those who have graduated high school, are not eligible for these awards.

Most Improved Skater Award

Being the “most improved” skater does not necessarily mean advancing through the levels quickly. This award is given to a skater that has shown growth in the sport of figure skating within the last season according to the goals they have set for themselves, while inspiring others to be their best. These skaters have shown improvement not only on skating skills, but showmanship, control, grace and power.

#Get Up Award

The #Get Up Award is inspired by the US Figure Skating #GetUp campaign that recognizes everyone stumbles and falls on the ice and in life, but what is important is that you get up and try again!

#GetUp inspires skaters to take on all of life’s challenges with vigor! As WFSC members, you never know when your efforts to perfect or learn a new skating skill, or how you choose to deal with life’s obstacles will inspire another. This award recognizes persistence and perseverance, with a positive attitude.

Leadership Award

The definition of leadership is “an act or instance of leading, guidance or direction”. These skaters lead by example, are happy to help others learn new skills and are always receptive to questions from others. To earn this award a skater must also be a positive example by using their time wisely at the rink to advance their own skills; OR find opportunities to involve the WFSC in our community through volunteering or civic activities; OR develop the skills necessary to be an effective coach or mentor for WFSC members.

Sportsmanship Award

The criteria of the Sportsmanship Award carry further than just displaying good sportsmanship at competitions. Great sportsmanship also includes being positive toward fellow skaters during practice at the rink, in the locker rooms and in warming room conversations. These skaters cheer for everyone and are always encouraging team mates to do their best and have fun! Nominees for the Sportsmanship Award should exemplify the ideals of sportsmanship, including, but not limited to: fairness, civility, honesty, unselfishness, respect of the rules, setting a good example and acting responsibly.

Skater of the Year

The WFSC Skater of the Year is the highest honor that WFSC can bestow on a skater in any given year. This award is given to a member who has shown improvement, integrity, volunteerism, sportsmanship and positive representation of the club in the community. The recipient doesn’t necessarily have to be a “perfect technician”, but is an all-around skater, who strives to meet their potential and possesses the traits of each of the other WFSC skater awards. The skaters nominated for the WFSC Skater of the Year should excel in more than one of the following areas: wise use of ice time, advanced in levels (be it basic, advanced or dance). Off ice training, assisting others when asked and supporting their WFSC teammates at competition, during practice time and outside of the rink.