Our rink/club is able to run thanks to the many amazing parent volunteers we have! We always need help around the rink, so please sign up for some of our many great volunteer opportunities! You don't need to be a club/skating expert to help out!

WFSC Ice Monitor:

Ice monitors are asked to be responsible during club skate sessions. There must be an ice monitor in order to open the rink for our skaters to practice. This is a voluntary position that can be filled in on a when-it-works basis. Ice monitors should be willing to show up 15 minutes before club ice, and stay until club ice is done. They'll help remind club members to sign in and help monitor skaters for unsafe behaviors. Ice Monitors may ask a skater to leave the ice if the skater is not skating safely. Thank you for your help, it's our great parents and skaters that help make WFSC one of the best skating clubs in South Dakota!

Our ice monitors are expected to

1. Set out the club sign-in book and cd player (from club room)
2. Open the skate room for those club members/friends that need to borrow skates.
3. Be sure that all ice rules are followed! (re-read rules here)
4. Help run lessons if needed.
5. Maintain authority in the rink.
6. Return both the sign-in book and CD player back to the club room.
7. Double check and lock up the club room and skate room after club skate/lessons.
8. Ice monitors should also help skaters when needed (i.e. tying skates, directing skaters where to go, and reminding skaters to sign in, etc.)

Our music volunteers are expected to

1. Run the music per ice rules (must be turned down as group lessons start at 10:00 on Saturday mornings).
2. Keep track of which skater is next up to practice their program music.
3. Hand out vests to skaters practicing to their program music.
4. Monitor rink for unsafe activities (groups of skaters talking and not skating, skaters falling, bullying on the ice, etc).
5. Play music per the WFSC Music Rules.

Our skate volunteers are expected to

1. Show up to the ice rink by 9:45 am on Saturdays for group lessons
2. Get skate carts, rental book, and tables out from the club room and set up
3. Hand out skates to skaters as needed and record all rentals
4. Collect skates from skaters finished with lessons & mark return in the rental book
5. Spray inside of skate boots and wipe blades completely dry with towel provided before returning to cart
6. Return skate carts, rental book, and tables to club room after lessons are done.

As the season progresses, special volunteer opportunities will be available. Check our sign up page for more opportunities!