Learn to Skate Dance

Ice dance brings together skating and dancing with a set pattern of steps skated in time to music of a designated tempo and rhythm. Ice dance emphasizes rhythm, interpretation of the music and precise steps. Ice dance 1 skaters will learn the basic elements found in the Dutch Waltz – forward swing rolls and forward progressives, the building blocks for all future dances. An emphasis is placed on solid skating technique, edges, flow, & posture while learning to listen for the beat to keep the pattern steps on time with the Dutch Waltz music. Ice dance is a great way to spend more time practicing & improving edges while learning something new at the same time! This program is open to any skater – you do not have to be a member of Freeskate Club.

Cost:                     $50 per session

Sessions:              We offer two 8 week sessions

Register:              https://comp.entryeeze.com/Membership/Welcome.aspx?cid=310

*Skaters must be in Basic 5 level to participate